This week on the big show, Fingers and Tracy explain to the clueless left what covfefe means, discuss the alternate reality in which 58% of Democrats are currently residing, and mock Hillary’s appearance at the Recode Conference. Ashe Schow drops by to talk Kathy Griffin and the repercussions Middlebury College students are facing for attacking a professor who brought Charles Murray to campus.

The word of the week without a doubt is “covfefe”. This clear typo sent the left into yet another tizzy, with Seth Abramson, a professor demanding immediately impeachment. The tweet of Abramson’s mention on the show has since been deleted but you can read all about it on Twitchy.

Here’s how Trump masterfully played off the typo.

Democrats are living in an alternate reality, and here’s the proof via the Daily Caller:

A majority of Democratic voters think Russia literally rigged the vote in the 2016 presidential election — an outlandish conspiracy theory with no evidence to support it.

The latest Economist/YouGov poll found 58 percent of Democrats saying that it is “probably true” or “definitely true” that “Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected President.”

That number is up six points from December when 52 percent of Democrats said they thought Russia tampered with vote tallies.


Speaking of mental, Hillary Clinton was invited to speak (for God knows what reason) at the Recode Conference. Yes, the woman whose aids smashed Blackberrys with hammers, and joked about wiping her server with a cloth, was giving a speaking spot at a tech conference. She wowed (read bored to tears) the audience there with an hour and a half long bitch session. Hey Hillary, if you really believe the yarn you’re spinning about misogyny being a contributing factor in your epic failure, then maybe you should shut your whining yap so that you don’t make the rest of us womyn look like a bunch of cry babies who shouldn’t ever be put in charge of the United States Military.

Ashe Schow had some fantastic pieces this week. First up was her savaging of Kathy Griffin in the New York Observer. Kathy knew damn well what she was doing when she posed for that photograph. She can shove her sorries in a sack.

Finally, the miscreants from Middlebury College who attacked Charles Murray and the poor professor who was moderating the event, won’t be receiving any punishment. Disgusting.