We’re imprisoned in our own homes. And we’ve accepted it.

It’s for our own good you see! We can’t possibly be trusted to venture out into the big bad world because we can’t behave ourselves. We will cough and sneeze on each other. Think of all the damage we’ll do with our germ encrusted hands! We didn’t even know how to properly wash them until politicians and so-called health experts, brimming with care and concern, told us how to. In fact, they care about you so much they’ll fine us if we mess up and stand too close to someone else.

We’ve listened and obeyed. We’ve sheltered in place for a few weeks. Some are even so well-healed they’ve taken to calling the cops to report scofflaw neighbors. They just walked out of their front door, side-by-side, no masks, no gloves, who the hell do they think they are?! No one is supposed to leave their home! They are a clear and present danger to themselves and others! “Hello, 911 I’d like to report a social distancing violation!”

How many of you have paused for a moment and asked yourself, “Why am I complying?” “When did I decide against questioning authority?” How many of you have stepped back from system one thinking and forced yourselves into system two thinking?

It’s time to start.

It’s time to start questioning shelter in place orders. It’s time to start pushing our “leaders” and “experts” for more information about who is at most risk if the orders are lifted. It’s time to recognize we are capable adults who have willingly ceded our freedom to a bunch of experts and politicians who, by failing to do their jobs, left us vulnerable. It’s time to wrest control away from these people. It’s time to demand that we are included in the decision making process. It’s time for a prison break!