Where’s Obama’s Wedding Ring? (video podcast)

This week on the big show, Fingers and Tracy laugh at Elizabeth Warren’s appearance on The Breakfast Club, discuss whose tax returns they’d really like to see, review Scott Adams’ tips for spotting fake news, and speculate about why Obama hasn’t been wearing his wedding ring.


Stories discussed:

Elizabeth Warren gets called out on The Breakfast Club for pretending to be a Native American

While in Brazil, President Obama lied about America’s gun laws

President Obama seems to be far too busy on his Globetrotting Grift Tour to work on his book, but he’s still convinced that it will be better than Michelle’s book, because he isn’t using a ghostwriter. Via The Atlantic (emphasis added): 

The writing has been going more slowly than he’d expected, and according to several people who have spoken with him, the 44th president is feeling competitive with his wife, whose own book, Becoming, was the biggest release of 2018 and is on track to be the best-selling memoir in history. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, like others in this story, these sources note he’ll occasionally say in conversation that he’s writing this book himself, while Michelle used a ghostwriter. He’s also trying to balance the historical and political needs of a project that will be up to his standards as a writer, and not 1,000 pages long. Obama’s research process has been intense and convoluted, and it’s still very much ongoing, from the legal pads he had shipped to Marlon Brando’s old island in French Polynesia, where he spent a month in March 2017, to the interviews that aides have been conducting with former members of his administration to jog and build out memories.

Seems sort of strange to trash talk your wife’s book which is on track to be the BEST-SELLING MEMOIR IN HISTORY. But maybe things aren’t all sunshine and candy hearts in the Obama household, which would explain why Obama hasn’t been wearing his wedding ring.

Maybe you’re thinking, that like the American flag lapel pin Obama begrudgingly wore during his time in office, his wedding ring was something his political aides convinced him to wear while he was president.

Nope. Even “way back then” he was wearing a ring. So why has he taken it off now?

And finally, Scott Adam’s excellent tutorial on how to spot fake news.

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