Have you ever wondered about how Rush Limbaugh’s call screener James Golden got the pseudonym Bo Snerdley?

James was kind enough to share the origin story with us.


Tracy: All right. Well, we’ve got Mr. James Golden joining us today. You might know him as Bo Snerdley. Where did that name ever come?
James: So, there were other Snerdleys on The Rush Limbaugh Program, but nobody remembers me because I’ve been there for almost 31 years. The first day that I started there. Rush asked me to pick what Snerdley I wanted to be.
I had no clue. I was rushing. I was in his studio at the moment at WABC in New York. I looked on his desk The Daily News was there. Back page, sports page some story about some guy Bo Jackson something. So I quickly said Bo. And had I known that 30 years later people would still be calling me Bo, I think I would have picked up another newspaper.