This week on the big show, Fingers and Tracy react to Bill Maher’s warning to the Democratic presidential hopefuls, Edward Snowden’s appearance on Rogan, the Cold Civil War, Bernie Sanders’ economic plan, Hunter Biden’s expertise, Joe Biden’s poll numbers, and how calling people Russian assets makes you a useful idiot.


From the show:

Bill Maher warning the Democratic field to cut out the crazy if they want to beat Trump.

Edward Snowden on Joe Rogan’s podcast

Despite all of his gaffing, Joe Biden’s poll numbers are going up!

Via CNN:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead in the race for the Democratic nomination for president has rebounded, and now stands at its widest margin since April, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

Biden has the support of 34% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters, his best showing in CNN polling since just after his campaign’s formal launch on April 25.

Don’t be a useful idiot:

Via The Moscow Times:

Never mind Donald Trump and his bizarre fondness for Putin: Is there anyone who is more of a “Russian asset” in U.S. politics today than those who so eagerly call each other “agents of influence,” “useful idiots” and mouthpieces for “Kremlin talking points?”

By elevating Putin into the role of master puppeteer, able to bend minds and shape politics to his will, it gives him vastly more credit than he deserves, and contributes to the fears of those who argue that it is better to give him something of what he wants in the hope of satisfying him.

In short, without minimizing the impact of Russian efforts to poison Western debates, we need to recognize how our own toxic politics are often vastly more harmful and effective. The most “useful idiots” often turn out to be those who don’t realize how much they are empowering their enemies.