No, not the gender wage gap, that’s been debunked so many times it’s a wonder that there’s anyone left alive who believes it. I’m talking about the real wage gap that exists between private sector and public sector workers. According to CNS News:

The federal government pays about 17 percent more in total compensation—including both wages and benefits—than the private sector does for similar workers, according to a report by the Congressional Budget Office.

“Overall,” CBO concluded, “total compensation was about 17 percent higher, on average, for federal workers than for similar private-sector workers, indicating that the government spent about 17 percent more on total compensation than it would have if it provided its employees compensation equal to that of their private-sector counterparts.”

“For workers with a bachelor’s degree or less, the cost of total compensation averaged about $60 per hour worked for federal employees, compared to about $46 per hour worked for employees in the private sector with similar observable characteristics,” said the CBO.

So the wise stewards of our tax dollars care soooo much about fiscal responsibility, that they’re overpaying the bureaucrats who make our lives miserable. How very kind of them. I mean aren’t you just thrilled to learn that they are being overly generous with your money? Makes you feel good inside doesn’t it? We should probably handwrite a thank you letter to each member of Congress.