A new study done by Northwestern Law professor Tonja Jacobi, purports to show that the female justices on our nation’s highest court are interrupted three times more than their male counterparts. Can you believe it?!

No, I didn’t read the whole 77 pages of the “study” because I, an unpaid intern don’t have as much free time on my hands as Professor Jacobi seemingly does. Also, so the fuck what if the women are interrupted more often than the men? Doesn’t change my life one bit, so I’m struggling to give a shit.

If I payed taxes I’d be pissed if this worthless study was paid for with my money.

Does anyone really care about this? Oh, apparently they do. CBS News set a crew to Northwestern to interview Professor Tons of Free Time to Spare about her world-altering findings.

If I had the opportunity to speak with the Professor I’d ask her this one simple question: could it be that perhaps the female justices, like every other woman on the planet run their mouths incessantly making it impossible for anyone else to get a word in edgewise unless they interrupt them?