Welcome to the explicit version of the Enough Already Podcast. It’s great to be able to swear again. With that in mind let’s listen to some 2 Crew Live.

And then here’s a little Sir Mix-a-lot for those of you who hate your ears.

The Pope might have managed to give President Trump the worst gift ever. Or maybe that honor still belongs to President Obama for giving the Queen an iPod full of his speeches.

Trump’s overseas trip has been a smashing success. We know this because the media is obsessing over what Melania and Ivanka are wearing, whether Melania slapped Trump’s YUGE hand away,

and the latest non-scandal, Trump pushing the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of his way.

First of all, Montenegro shouldn’t even be in NATO. Secondly, we’re footing their bills, so damn straight President Trump should be front in center in that group photo.

Fingers has been bitching for a while about receiving almost daily emails from some group that is promising they will get Laura Ingraham to run against Tim Kaine for the Virginia Senate seat. This is of course a scam, and hey what do you know, the Daily Caller is still doing investigative journalism. They published this awesome piece about a PAC that is scamming poor defenseless old people out of their money by making them believe that Sheriff Clarke can be drafted to run for Senate. We felt that it was our duty to bring these sorts of schemes to your attention. We wouldn’t want you to fall victim to a scam.

In other news, Fingers and I are thrilled to announce that we will be launching our very own PAC. We’re going to call it SCAM PAC so there will be no confusion about our motives. Make sure to give us your email so that we can endlessly spam you about everything SCAM PAC is doing!