Friend of the show Patrick Caddell passed away at the age of 68. We were fortunate to have Pat appear on the show four times. On this special episode, we pay tribute to Pat and play all of his appearances on “Enough Already.”

Clip 1, from “Trump Stop Pissing All Over Everyone!”

Pat Caddell was kind enough to spend almost an hour sharing his expert opinion on everything from Obama’s trip to Cuba to the advice he’d give Trump about how the GOP front runner should tone down his rhetoric in order to quell fears.

Clip 2, from “Hillary is a Human Memory Hole.”

Pat Caddell is back and he’s fired up about the Benghazi commission report, BJ Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch, Hillary’s emails, Brexit, and our pathetic sycophantic media. Pat also shared with us his pro-tips for reading polls that you don’t want to miss.

Clip 3, from “LuckyThey Don’t Drug Test Debates.”

Pat Caddell stops by to give us his take on where the race stands, and what Trump must do in order to pull out a win on November 8th.

Clip 4, from “No One Learned Anything.”

Pat Caddell returns to the show for his first post-election interview. He has plenty to say about what went wrong for the Democrats and where he sees them going in the future. Hint: nowhere good.