Anderson Cooper rolled his eyes at Kellyanne Conway because he’s a dick. It’s that simple. He’s an elitist who most likely views Conway as a trashy Jersey girl. He’s irritated that he has to deign to speak to her. He’s old money. He’s a blueblood with a pedigree. Conway is a pageant girl who once won a blueberry packing contest. He’s her better dontchaknow?

This attitude is not unique to Cooper, most members of the media believe they are our betters. They’re pretty good at obscuring their dislike of the masses who Conway and other Trump surrogates have become a stand-ins for. But Cooper slipped. He wasn’t able to maintain the poker face. He accidentally let his loathing show.

The proper response to Cooper’s rudeness should have been a shrug and an admission that he’s a jerk. Outrage may get you clicks but it isn’t a good look. The double standard game is overplayed. Cries of sexism should only be emanating from the left as they are both ridiculous and impossible to prove. So let them be the ones looking like whiney crybabies who can be thrown for a loop by the smallest of slights. Stop trying to play their petty game, it makes you look childish.