This week on the big show, Fingers and Tracy talk about James T. Hodgkinson, a crazed Bernie Bro, who after being radicalized by the media opened fire at a basefield in Arlington, Virginia where Republican members of Congress were practicing for an upcoming charity game.

What could have possibly motivated 66 year-old James T. Hodgkinson to shoot at Republican members of Congress during an early morning baseball practice? We may never know. Oh wait, a simple skim through Hodgkinson’s Facebook posts reveals exactly what his motivations were. Too bad Facebook has removed his page. Too bad for Facebook, several people managed to both screen cap and archive Hodgkinson’s page before it was memory holed.

Here’s one of Hodgkinson’s Facebook profile photos, via a screen grab I was able to get before his page vanished.

James T. Hodgkinson fb profile photo

And you can find photos here of Mongo from Blazing Saddles if you’re interested in the accuracy of Finger’s comparison of the two men.

Thanks to the folks who worked quickly and were able to archive Hodgkinson’s post, we know a fair bit about his love of Bernie Sanders, Rachel Maddow, The Daily Show, John Oliver, and Democracy Now, and his irrational hatred for just about every Republican alive.

Typically when a nutjob goes on a murderous rampage, the media finds someone who will say nice things about them. Apparently they couldn’t do that in this case. From the Chicago Tribune:

“He was a bit of a misanthrope,” said Lyndon Evanko, a retired attorney who said he represented Hodgkinson. “He came across as a very irascible, angry little man, but not somebody I would expect to do something like this.”

One man reached by the Tribune on Wednesday who is related to Hodgkinson by marriage said he had met him a few times, and was struck by Hodgkinson’s odd personality. Hodgkinson was often “in his own world,” the man said.

“When I heard this morning was I shocked? No. Was I saying ‘Oh, this must be someone else?’ No,” he said.

Well that’s a first.

The rhetoric from many prominent Democrat politicians and entertainers seems to have radicalized Hodgkinson, whose frequent social media posts echoed the bile they spew about Republicans.

Hodgkinson had a special affinity for Bernie Sanders and Rachel Maddow. Sanders and Maddow have made statements about the shooting. Sanders made a statement condemning Hodgkinson, who was reportedly a volunteer for the Senator’s presidential campaign, from the Senate floor.

Rachel Maddow opened her show on the evening of the shooting with a rambling account of the morning’s events. She did touch on the fact that Hodgkinson was a fan of her show but she didn’t go so far as to distance herself from his actions, or apologize for any undue influence she may have had on this obvious lunatic. Funny thing, when the rebroadcast of her show aired at midnight according to Breitbart, the opening segment was missing:

During the re-air of her program at 12 a.m. ET, the segment did not air. Instead, the opening segment was a replay of a May 26 segment about allegations of President Donald Trump and his associates having ties with the Russian government.


We didn’t want to dwell on this radicalized lunatic for the entire episode, so we shifted our focus to other loonies like eco sexuals. What is this fresh hell you may ask? Well according to Vice News:

Ecosexuality is a term with wide-ranging definitions, which vary depending on who you ask.

Amanda Morgan, a faculty member at the UNLV School of Community Health Sciences who is involved in the ecosexual movement, says that ecosexuality could be measured in a sense not unlike the Kinsey Scale: On one end, it encompasses people who try to use sustainable sex products, or who enjoy skinny dipping and naked hiking. On the other are “people who roll around in the dirt having an orgasm covered in potting soil,” she said. “There are people who fuck trees, or masturbate under a waterfall.”

Huh, good to know.

And in our final loony-related story, Dennis Rodman returned to North Korea this week, and he came bearing gifts. Via the AP:

Dennis Rodman has delivered a message from President Donald Trump to North Korea — sort of.

On Thursday, the former NBA player gave the country’s sports minister a copy of Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal,” a present intended for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

It wasn’t signed by Trump, who was Rodman’s boss for two seasons of the “Celebrity Apprentice” reality TV show. Rodman has said his visit has nothing to do with the White House.

Rodman arrived the same day the North Korean government released Otto Warmbier. Both the American and North Korean governments are claiming Rodman’s visit had nothing to with Warmbier’s release. Again from the AP:

Rodman’s arrival on Tuesday came just hours after the North decided to release Otto Warmbier, an American university student who had been imprisoned for 15 years with hard labor for trying to steal a propaganda banner.

Warmbier, who had been confined for 17 months, has apparently fallen into a coma not long after his confinement began and Pyongyang issued a statement Thursday saying it decided to let him go for “humanitarian reasons.”

Officials in Washington and Pyongyang said Rodman played no role in the release. Behind-the-scenes discussions regarding Warmbier had been underway well before his visit.

The timing combined with the gift of The Art of the Deal leave me thinking that this wasn’t a coincidence.