President Trump is a social media master. His effective use of twitter and facebook throughout the campaign played a large role in his eventual victory. Upon winning the November election, there was much speculation in the media (speculation being the only thing they seem to do these days) about whether or not the then President-Elect would continue to his personal twitter account after taking office. The consensus was he should refrain from using his personal account and switch over to the more Presidential @Potus handle. Additionally, the media geniuses, none of whom predicted Trump’s victory, he should relinquish control of the @Potus account to a minion because his behavior on the social network wasn’t “Presidential”.

Trump, being Trump, decided to keep his @RealDonaldTrump account. He has continued to use it to troll his critics and drive the news cycle in the direction he wants it to move. This irritates his haters in the media to no end, as it disrupts their preferred narrative of the day. Instead of talking about how Trump is taking healthcare away from <insert preferred victim group> they are forced to react to Trump’s latest tweet. It’s amazing to watch a panel of paid “experts” send an entire hour of cable television dissecting 140 characters. I hope these people appreciate just how ridiculously easy their jobs are.

If the pattern holds, and Trump’s tweets are the topic of discussion on cable news throughout the day, the experts are going to have a field day with this one.

The book Reasons to Vote for Democrats contains only blank pages. It’s a gag, a brilliant one at that, and it’s been selling like crazy. Some in the media may be aware that the book is a joke, in which case they might see the humor in Trump’s tweet, but that’s doubtful. And the talking heads who haven’t heard of the book, will either make snide comments about Trump not reading books, or they’ll complain that the President spends too much time tweeting when he should be doing other more important things. Bonus points will be awarded to the pundit who is able to use the fact that the book’s pages are blank to make a bad joke about the President not being a reader.