Since Donald Trump’s election, leftist, who weren’t particularly stable to begin with, have completely lost their minds. Their public freakouts have taken many different forms, but they share a common thread; they are a desperate cry for attention. Let’s stop giving it to them.

When they engage in behavior that you know wouldn’t have flown in the Obama era if it were undertaken by a non-leftist, just let it go. Pointing out their blatant hypocrisy and throwing out counterfactuals may be fun pastime in which to engage with those who share your views, but it won’t win anyone over to your side. It’s not an effective method of persuasion as Scott Adams pointed out months ago in a post titled How to Be Unpersuasive:

Hypocrisy: Pundits like to point out that politicians often criticize others for the very things they have done. That sort of observation is good entertainment but it is an intellectual exercise with no emotional power. You need emotion to persuade. And hypocrisy is such a universal human quality that it’s hard to get worked up about it when you see it.

What if the situation were reversed? Lately it has become common to address any criticism about your team by speculating that the situation would be viewed differently if the other team were being accused of the same misdeeds. While this might be true in some cases, it is an intellectual point in the same way as hypocrisy, and thus it has minimal persuasive power. The only power it might have is embarrassing the media toward a more even-handed approach in the future. But it won’t change anyone’s opinion about the current topic.

So if your goal is to convert people, then it’s probably best to just leave the left alone. Let them act out in ridiculous “edgy” ways and make asses of themselves. Normal people will no doubt be turned off by their behavior and they’ll be more willing to listen to what you have to say.




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