This week on the big show, Fingers and Tracy talk about new mitigation efforts in Pennsylvania, the debate about reopening schools this fall, how Canada isn’t mask obsessed and they seem to be doing just fine, and they come up with a brilliant plan to ensure America is freed from the scourge of potholes!


From the show:

New mitigation efforts announced in Pennsylvania.


New statewide mitigation orders were announced by Governor Wolf today. The order begins Thursday, July 16 at 12:01 a.m.

The new restrictions going into effect include:

-Restaurants and bars are limited to 25% capacity for indoor dining.
You must order food with alcohol in bars. Sitting at a bar and drinking is not permitted without the purchase of food.
-Outdoor dining and take-out sales of alcohol is still permitted.
-No nightclubs or dance clubs will be open.
-Indoor events are limited to 25 people.
-Outdoor events are limited to 250 people.
-Businesses MUST telework if they are able.
-Gyms, hair salons, dentist, casinos are NOT impacted by this order

In addition, masks are still required in the state.


Canadians (and a bunch of other countries) aren’t obsessed with mandating that masks be worn in public.

Via CTV News:


Nearly three in five Canadians – 58 per cent – reported as of June 11 that they were regularly wearing face masks when out in public.

This was one of the lower rates of face-mask usage, as only six of the 25 other countries surveyed reported less take-up of the masks: the United Kingdom (31 per cent), Australia (21 per cent) and the four surveyed Scandinavian nations, with Denmark at the very bottom at three per cent.

So about that virtual schooling that was supposed to be taking place during the Covid lockdowns.

Via Reason:

New national data suggest that most government school districts failed to provide meaningful education remotely. A June 2020 report by the Center for Reinventing Public Education found that only 1 in the 3 school districts required teachers to deliver instruction during the lockdown. Recent data suggest students have already lost ground academically because of these kinds of systemic failures.

And finally

A small sample of Andy Ngo’s coverage of the goings-on in Portland

The NYPD doesn’t bat an eye when a reporter is attached by a protester.

Via NYPost:

An Occupy City Hall protester smacked an on-duty Post reporter in the face with a 2-by-4 on Sunday — in view of dozens of NYPD cops, who didn’t lift a finger to help, and even refused to take a complaint of the crime.

The journalist, Kevin Sheehan, was using his cell phone to shoot video of the demonstration — once hundreds of people strong but now reduced to around 50 camping out in crude, tarp-topped tents — from a public street across a metal barrier when one protester took exception.

“Put the f–king camera down!” sneered the not-so-peaceful demonstrator as he swung a wooden board at Sheehan multiple times, knocking his phone to the pavement and striking him in the face.

Many within the encampment snickered, while one woman could be heard calling, “All right, all right!” as though to break up the 11:15 a.m. run-in.

“You guys saw that, right?” asked Sheehan of the approximately 30 NYPD cops gathered around keeping watch over the protest — which began last month to call for a reduction of up to $1 billion in funding to the department.

But none of the cops so much as moved in the direction of the attack, as the man responsible, wearing a Brooklyn Nets T-shirt bearing Kyrie Irving’s number 11, disappeared into the encampment.


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