Friend of the show Monica Crowley was a guest on Hannity last night to address the plagiarism allegations that lead to her stepping down from a position in the Trump Administration. After taking a moment to pay tribute to her late brother-in law, Alan Colmes, Monica opened up about what happened to her:

“Well, look. What happened to me was a despicable, straight up, political hit job. Okay, it’s been debunked. My editor has completely supported me and backed me up. There is a very toxic, and it’s getting increasingly toxic and poisonous atmosphere of personal destruction, in Washington and the media. But now it’s at a whole different level.”

An excellent piece written by Andrew C. McCarthy at National Review breaks down the plagiarism allegations made by CNN, and how they were debunked by copyright attorney, Lynn Chu. As Monica said to Hannity, this toxic atmosphere is pushing smart and good people out of government service. Monica Crowley is one example.

And that’s a shame.