This week on the big show, Fingers and Tracy discuss Spicer’s resignation, Caitlyn Jenner considering a senate run, OJ Simpson’s parole, and why libertarians should support Maxine Waters for president in 2020.

Apologies for the delay in releasing the podcast, but Fingers Malloy Sr had a health scare earlier this week so we postponed recording so that Jr could be by his side. The good news is Fingers Sr is going to be fine just fine. In fact he’s already back to his Jack and Diet Cokes!

Fingers returned from Michigan in time to catch our pal Stephen Kruiser performing standup in Indianapolis on Saturday night. According to Fingers, Kruiser “killed”.

Now onto the most important news in ever… Sean Spicer has resigned. According to Politico:

Sean Spicer came to the White House on Thursday completely unaware President Donald Trump was planning to meet with Anthony Scaramucci, a longtime Wall Street friend, and offer him the job of communications director. Other top aides, including Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon, also had no clue.

But in Trump’s White House, where rumors of staff shake-ups loom for months, it all happened quickly. By Friday morning, over the strenuous objections of senior aides, Trump had a new communications director. And Spicer had made a spontaneous decision to resign, offended by the whole turn of events. He had been blindsided by Trump before, but he took particular umbrage at this one.

I think I’ll miss Melissa McCarthy impersonating Spicer on SNL more than I’ll miss Spicer himself. Taking over for Spicer behind the podium will be Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Can’t wait to watch her go toe to toe with the White House press corps.

John Fund had a fun flashback piece over at National Review last week about fundraising scandal featuring the Clintons and the Chinese.

This summer we mark the 20th anniversary of a major investigation by Congress of attempts by a hostile foreign power to influence an American presidential election.

The Chinese fundraising scandal involving DNC finance vice chairman John Huang first came to light in the final weeks of the 1996 presidential campaign. A former Commerce Department official, Huang was a top fundraiser who scooped up suspect foreign cash for Team Clinton.

A 1998 Senate Government Affairs Committee report on the scandal found “strong circumstantial evidence” that a great deal of foreign money had illegally entered the country in an attempt to influence the 1996 election. The DNC was forced to give back more than $2.8 million in illegal or improper donations from foreign nationals.

This is old news, can’t we just move on to something that American people care more about like jobs and affordable healthcare?

Speaking of old (fake) news that won’t die, there are new leaks from the intelligence community and President Trump isn’t happy about them. Shocking I know.

The Hill has the story:

President Trump on Saturday morning blasted a Washington Post article based on U.S. intelligence reports claiming Attorney General Jeff Sessions discussed Trump campaign issues with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S.

Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak recounted two such conversations with Sessions to his superiors in Moscow. Kislyak’s version of events was intercepted by U.S. spy agencies that monitor Russian communications, according to the Post.

The report does additional damage to allegations that Trump campaign officials colluded with Russian officials at a time when the Kremlin was seeking to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Can’t wait to see the transcripts!

Our girl Maxine Waters is making news again. This time she’s in the midst of a back and forth with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Mediaite has the details and video but you have to go to their site to watch the video.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters took a shot at Tucker Carlson and Larry Elder on MSNBC tonight, and it didn’t take long for Carlson to respond on his Fox show.

Last night Carlson brought on Elder to discuss whether Waters going to New Hampshire means a 2020 presidential run for the California congressman, who has become a political star in the Resistance. Both of them laughed at the idea that she would be taken seriously as a 2020 candidate.

Well, tonight on MSNBC’s All InJoy Reid brought up the segment to Waters towards the end of their interview, asking her if there’s any truth to the 2020 rumors.

Waters denied it…

Except Waters told the Daily Caller the following:

California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, a favorite among liberal progressives, told The Daily Caller Thursday that this weekend’s scheduled appearance in New Hampshire has nothing to do with potentially running for president in 2020.

But she said that she would run for president if millennials want her to.

“I’m just going up to do a county Democratic thing. That’s all,” she said.

When TheDC pressed further, Waters, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, said laughing, “I’m not running for anything but my own seat. I don’t have any presidential aspirations. If the millennials want me to do it, I’d do it, though.”

This prompted Michelle Malkin to make this hilarious commercial.

And it got Fingers and me thinking. We have decided to launch, as a part of SCAM PAC, Libertarians for Maxine Waters for President because we believe exposing more people to Maxine’s mental deficiencies will go a long way towards convincing people that we need to be taking power away from politicians.

There’s more SCAM PAC news, we are pleased to announce that Caitlyn Jenner is considering making a run for Senate in California. According to the Los Angeles Times:

Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympic gold medalist, reality show star and transgender activist, is weighing a run for the U.S. Senate representing California.

“I have considered it. I like the political side of it,” Jenner said in a radio interview with New York’s AM 970 that aired Sunday, adding that she planned to make a decision within the next six months or so.

We’re behind you Caitlyn! Because to be in front of you means running of the risk of getting hit by your SUV.

Also under possible consideration for a SCAM PAC endorsement is the newly paroled OJ Simpson. We’re leaning more towards a no on endorsing OJ but we’re open to being convinced so do your best to sway us!

And finally Politico is warning people to take Kid Rock’s (who SCAM PAC is endorsing btw) potential senate bid seriously.

Because of his manifest rebelliousness—the offensive language, the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll lifestyle, the middle finger to polite company—Kid Rock’s tweet last week announcing that he is considering a campaign for U.S. Senate in Michigan was met with predictable contempt from the political class. How dare the foul-mouthed, long-haired, wifebeater-wearing, Jim Beam-swigging, self-described redneck suggest he belongs in the world’s greatest deliberative body? Moreover, critics had immediate cause to call his bluff: The website he tweeted out,, links to a merchandise store hosted by Warner Bros. Records, and Ritchie, who’s gearing up for a fall tour, also just happened to release two new singles from his forthcoming album. Consensus formed at warp speed in the Acela corridor that it’s a money-making publicity stunt; that Kid Rock for Senate should not be taken seriously.

That might be a huge miscalculation.

Yes, healthy skepticism is warranted: Not a single prominent Republican in Michigan told us they’d heard from Ritchie or his associates about a campaign. Good musicians are great marketers, and Kid Rock has been brilliant in terms of creating and selling a brand. His flirtation with electoral politics could be nothing more than a promotional ploy aimed at rekindling interest in his career—he’s had only one single reach any of Billboard’s charts in the last four years—and boosting his bottom line. And yet this theory doesn’t appear consistent with the man himself: Ritchie, who already boasts a huge and devoted following, has sold tens of millions of albums and amassed what he calls “fuck you money”— enough of it, in fact, that he has given seven-figure sums to charity and capped ticket prices to his concerts at $20 to make them accessible to working-class fans. Meanwhile, he’s earned a reputation in his native southeast Michigan as someone who is earnest when it comes to civic involvement, helping local businesses and headlining major philanthropic events. When Mitt Romney asked for his endorsement ahead of the pivotal Michigan primary in 2012, Ritchie invited him to his Metro Detroit home and peppered him with a list of policy questions, sleeping on the decision before informing Romney the next day he would support him. The two forged an unexpected bond: Romney adopted the patriotic rock anthem “Born Free” as his official campaign song, and Ritchie later praised the former Massachusetts governor as “the most decent motherfucker I’ve ever met in my life.”

2018 is going to be so much fun!