Joe Rogan made headlines last week for saying that he would vote for Trump over Biden. The comment came during a podcast with Eric Weinstein, and as the media is want to do, they left out the full context of Rogan’s statement. This was obviously done in the service of creating clickbait headlines and drive online arguments. You know the drill.

You can watch Rogan’s comment about voting for Trump over Biden for yourself here. I’ve cued it to just before he made the “controversial” comment so that you get a chance to hear the lead-in. Rogan and Weinstein were discussing how Donald Trump intuits professional wrestling and how Weinstein believes that’s a superpower of Trump’s. Rogan adds that he believes that there is a part of Trump’s appeal that hits a certain frequency that provides comfort, narrows the boundaries of what’s possible, and puts it in a form that “morons love”. He goes on to clarify that he doesn’t mean that all Trump supporters are morons, but Rogan believes that there are a lot of morons who like Trump.

Does that sound like a Rogan can’t wait to pull the lever for Trump to you? Me neither.

Now to Rogan’s more recent comments about who he may vote for.

This morning during my daily yoga routine, I was listen/watching to the latest episode of Rogan’s podcast which features Congressman Dan Crenshaw. During their discussion, most of which understandably revolved around politics, Rogan took the opportunity to clarify his “I’d rather vote for Trump” comment.


Rogan: It’s more of a mystery now [his political leanings] now that I said that I wouldn’t vote for Biden, I said that I would vote for Trump over Biden. All these people went crazy. But let me clarify, you know what I’d also vote for Whoopi Goldberg over Joe Biden, I’d vote for Mike Tyson over Joe Biden I just don’t think it’s a good idea to take someone who is struggling with dementia and put them in one of the most stressful positions the world is ever known. That’s what I’m saying. It’s not an endorsement of Trump as it is me saying you shouldn’t have a man who is clearly, clearly in the throes of dementia. I mean, I’m not a doctor but when you can’t form sentences in public and you forget what you’re talking about and you wander off in these conversation if you’re not smoking pot or you’re not high if you’re not pills like what’s going on? Well there’s cognitive decline! He’s an older man that has mental issues. Not to be cruel to him, he’s suffering medically, this is a real issue. And the Democrats want to sweep that under the rug, and Trump is already chewing him apart, he’s already dismissing him. I mean there is a recent thing that that Kyle Kulinski posted a video on his Twitter talking about this is what happens when you don’t discuss the elephant in the room, and it’s Trump saying, he’s doing a press conference and they asked him a question but something that Biden wrote, and he goes, “Biden didn’t write that, that’s a democratic operative. He didn’t read it, he probably doesn’t even know what’s going on right now.” and he’s going to continue to do that and it’s it’s such a vulnerable point and I don’t know why the Democrats thought it would be a good idea to take someone who is clearly got a problem, this is, I don’t wanna be mean to the guy but we’ve all seen it that’s not normal. It’s not normal to forget like when he’s talking about with the Creator, and he literally loses what he saying and he says, “You know the thing!”

Crenshaw: Yeah, he misquoted the Declaration of Independence.

Rogan: Yes!

Crenshaw: Twice now, and it’s a very simple document. Like, I don’t understand. Yeah, it’s frustrating.

Rogan: There’s a bunch of those things, like when he was talking about the cure, and losing what he’s saying, that “you have to take care of the cure”, he’s struggling, the guy is struggling. He’s tired. This is an extremely stressful process, to run for president,   and the idea that he’s gonna be able to get through this and be OK on the other side to run the country for four, potentially eight years is crazy!


If you’d like to know what Rogan actually thinks about something, you really should listen to full episodes. His podcasts are long form conversations. It’s not unusual for an episode to run three hours. For the uninitiated, three hours sounds daunting, but as a long time fan of the Joe Rogan Experience, I can tell you that the majority of the episodes I’ve watched or listened to, have been so engaging those three hours fly by.

You’ve probably got some quarantined hours to kill, why not expand your mind for a few of them by checking out the Joe Rogan Experience? What have you got to lose?!