James: Let me just be really clear. I mean you guys are friends. I’ll be honest with you. One of the things that I run into — that we’ve run into with this is “oh, yeah, we gave to Candace.”

Now, I have nothing against. I was going to bring that up! Is this a Candace Owens thing? Is she involved with this? But I didn’t know if you wanted to go there. No, she’s not. And I love Candace and

Candace is very very extremely influential and very bright — and I have nothing but love for Candace Owens. But we are working kind of on two different but complementary tracks.

We’re trying to move votes and we’re also trying to be in the community in a very different way than she’s…than she’s doing. But the message that we get back, is kinda like

“We did that black thing with Candace. So, you know, nevermind.”

Tracy: Is that a message that’s coming from white boomers? Is that white boomers saying that to you?

James: Yeah. Yeah.

Tracy: Her core audience that I’m surrounded by it’s like, my dad and his friends. “Oh, did you see the new Candace video?” “No.”

She’s really moving the needle with the boomer set. The old white guys, they like her.

James: And I applaud Candace for being so out there. Yeah. She’s become a household name. Yeah and again, I have nothing but love for Candace Owens. And I have nothing but love for the three

wise men and we talked about them too. You know — black conservatives are standing on the shoulders and some giants — Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Shelby Steele.

The three wise men are what we call them. They’re amazing.