This week on the big show, Fingers gives an update on UAW strike, then he and Tracy get to the biggest news of the week, CNN’s Equality Town Hall!

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CNN’s Equality Town Hall

A lefty’s take on the CNN Equality Town Hall via The Stranger in a piece title: The Winner of the LGBTQ Town Hall? Donald Trump

Despite my multiple and very serious arguments against it, eight of the top Democratic candidates for President plus Tom Steyer took part in the first-ever LGBTQ town hall on Thursday night on CNN.

It was four and a half extremely long hours. Aside from taking a short break during Amy Klobuchar’s segment to whip myself with a metal whisk and pray to the ancient God Sotos to turn me straight, I watched every goddamn minute, and I am surprised to report that there were fewer obvious gaffes than I expected. No one, as far as I could tell, accidentally called trans men “trans females,” as Julian Castro did at an early debate, and Joe Biden only tried to kiss Anderson Cooper once.

Where the candidates did manage to stand out, I’m not sure it will benefit them. As I argued before the event, an LGBTQ forum had the potential to hand ammunition to Donald Trump. And it did. Perhaps the most glaring example of this was when Jacob, the first trans child invited on stage, asked Elizabeth Warren how she would make schools safer for trans kids.

Her answer was fine: “Let me start by saying I want to have a secretary of education who both believes in public education and believes in the value of every one of our kids and is willing to enforce our civil rights laws,” she said. “We’ve had some secretaries of education who’ve been better, and we’ve had one that’s been a whole lot worse. Her name is Betsy DeVos. So, when I’m president, she’ll be gone.”

All good. But then, she went off the rails, saying she would allow Jacob to vet the next secretary of education. “I want to make sure that the person I think is the right secretary of education meets you and hears your story,” she said, “and then I want you to tell me if you think that’s the right person and then we’ll make the deal.” Okay! So the next secretary of education will have to get confirmed by both the Senate and a nine-year-old. The attack ads just write themselves.


The ad run on Matt Bevin’s behalf that resulted in an 8 point swing in the polls

via Breitbart:

A conservative group notes polling data shows an eight-point swing in voters’ shift to incumbent GOP Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin from Democrat candidate Andy Beshear after they view ads highlighting Beshear’s support of biological men competing in women’s sports.