This week on the big show, Fingers and Tracy discuss the Democratic Debate in Las Vegas, Bloomberg’s disastrous performance, Elizabeth Warren in attack mode, Bernie getting hit for being a rich socialist, and the media meltdown over a “doctored video”. Then it’s on to the Coronavirus, whose numbers can be trusted? and the impacts it’s already having on American businesses. Finally, the Russians are back to the meddlesome ways, and this time they’re helping Trump and Bernie! Best timeline ever!

From the show

Elizabeth Warren was on the war path, and she landed several Gramma-ahawk chops on Michael Bloomberg

Those pesky “doctored videos” are wreaking havoc on our electoral process

Don’t worry, Amy Klobuchar is going to protect us all from obvious attempts at humor

And if Amy fails, Glenn Kessler will be there to fact check any ad that attempts to be funny

Healthcare is a right*!

From RT:

In Labour’s case it’s the mere denial of the facts of biology – the madness of transgender fanaticism – in the case of the NHS, it’s the proposed denial of medical treatment to citizens who fail the litmus tests of liberalism. If you’re an ‘ist’ or an ‘obe’ as defined by the Guardians of the Prevailing Orthodoxy, you may be denied essential healthcare – for which you’ve already paid, mightily, through the tax and national insurance burden.

The new NHS guidelines would extend current red-lines allowing staff to refuse non-critical care to patients displaying “aggression or violence” to include “sexist or racist remarks” made by sick people towards staff or other patients.

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