This week on the big show, Fingers cooked a brisket and Tracy’s going green! AOC won her primary, more statues of fallen, Carpe Donktum’s banned from Twitter, the FBI investigated a garage door, the media still can’t take a joke, and The Guiltotine stayed busy.


Show notes:

Ola Hawatmeh is running for Congress. At the time of recording, she was ahead by 500 votes. Stay tuned to see if she makes it through the primary and on to the general!

The awesome Obaaay! shirt

Shame Karens everywhere with Obaaay gear!

If you’re trying to avoid using public restrooms – here’s your answer, the Travel John!

Bret Weinstein’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience

An epic montage of fainting goats!

Carpe Donktum’s statement about his twitter ban

Finger’s brisket (not a rock)

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Really late dinner, but the brisket was pretty good.

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Bubba Wallace responding to the FBI’s report about the “noose” in his garage at Talladega Superspeedway.

That’s all folks!

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