A Patriots Day pro-free speech rally in Berkeley, CA turned into an all-out brawl. It’s wild scene, but not unexpected. The fighting in the streets that many of us have warned was inevitable is finally upon us.

Here’s a nice bird’s-eye view of the chaos.

Pepper spray and fists are flying.

Tim Pool, who has fearlessly covered mayhem all over the country, was on hand and captured the bloody mess footage at the top of this post, as well as the pepper spray victim below.

Lauren Southern, a scheduled speaker at the Free Speech event, has also been documenting the riot.


Initial reports were that the police were standing down, but arrests have been made now, and more are certain.



ABC News is now reporting at least 15 people have arrested.


According to @BakedAlaska, Based Stickman has been arrested.

According to twitter’s best Russian conspiracy expert Louise Mensch, what we’re witnessing at Berkeley isn’t what it appears to be. Those mask-clad AntiFa folks aren’t genuine American lefties who, motivated by their hatred of Trump and irrational fear of fascism taking hold in the US, but rather they are pawns of Putin.

Excellent sleuthing there Ms. Mensch, please keep up the good work of rooting out all of the Russian agents who have embedded themselves within the leftist protest movement. I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that you’re on the case! Oh and would you look at this, Louise isn’t the only blue check mark on twitter who is watching the movie (as Scott Adams would say) in which Putin is the greatest manipulator of the masses the world has ever known.