This week on the big show, Fingers and Tracy discuss Aetna’s announcement that it will no longer be participating in the Obamacare exchanges, the Democrat Mayor of Seattle dropping out of his re-election bid in the wake of numerous allegations of child sexual abuse, and Planned Parenthood lying to Pennsylvania voters about performing mammograms. The Rebel Media’s Washington Bureau Chief Jack Posobiec stopped by to talk #MacronLeaks, what it’s like to attend a White House press briefing, and the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Another one bites the dust. Aetna announced that it’s over this whole Obamacare nightmare and is pulling out of the few states in which its still operating. According to Bloomberg:

Aetna Inc. will leave the few remaining states where it had been selling Obamacare plans next year, making it the latest health insurer to pull out of the health law as Republicans attack the program as failing and work to dismantle it.

While the move is likely to attract outsize political attention, the decision affects just Delaware and Nebraska. The Hartford, Connecticut-based insurer already said last year it would pull out of 11 states, and in the last month announced plans to exit Iowa and Virginia.

“At this time have completely exited the exchanges,” Aetna said in a statement Wednesday. The insurer will also stop selling non-Obamacare individual plans in Delaware and Nebraska.

Aetna had indicated it might pull out earlier this month, when Chief Financial Officer Shawn Guertin said the company would take steps to limit its financial losses in the program. Aetna has said it expects to lose more than $200 million on individual health plans this year in the four states where it’s still selling Affordable Care Act plans.

At this rate it’s possible that Obamacare will collapse before the Senate even bothers to start working on their version of the American Health Care Act.

The Mayor of Seattle has been embroiled in a scandal, that if he were a Republican you no doubt would have heard about. Ed Murray (democrat) has had to withdraw from his re-elect bid as allegations mount that he sexually abused children. The Seattle Times has a lengthy piece about the scandal, which they headlined:

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray won’t seek second term: ‘It tears me to pieces to step away’

No mention of Murray’s political party, or the child sexual abuse allegations. It’s almost as if the Seattle Times is trying to provide cover for Murray who is being accused of some pretty heinous stuff. And here I thought we were always supposed to believe the accuser, or does that only apply when the accusers are women? The Time‘s story glosses over the claims against Murray:

Murray has denied claims by Delvonn Heckard, a 46-year-old Kent man who filed the lawsuit against him, and similar allegations by other men.

The accusers, who say they had sex with Murray in their teens, all have criminal histories, and the mayor has suggested the claims are politically motivated.

In his speech Tuesday, Murray said the accusations “paint me in the worst possible historic portraits of a gay man.”

“The allegations against me are not true, and I say this with all honesty and with the deepest sincerity.”

Murray had initially met the claims against him with defiance, vowing to continue his bid for re-election.

The day after Heckard sued, he said, “Things have never come easy to me in life, but I have never backed down and I will not back down now.”

But the accusations — including extremely graphic claims — thwarted the mayor’s best attempts to carry on with business as usual.

There were headlines about Murray’s genitals, as an attorney for the mayor sought to rebut a detail in the lawsuit by presenting the results of a medical exam.

But, previous stories published by the Seattle Times go into greater detail.

The new accuser, 44-year-old Maurice Jones, said in a sworn court declaration he was introduced to Murray by Delvonn Heckard, the Kent man who filed last month’s lawsuit claiming Murray sexually abused him as a teenager in the 1980s.

 Jones’ declaration, filed in King County Superior Court, was brief, saying he had been to Murray’s Capitol Hill apartment at an unspecified time and that Murray “gave me money for sex.”

Julie Kays, one of Heckard’s attorneys, said Wednesday that Jones was in his midteens at the time. “He recalls at least two instances when, as a teenager, Murray paid (him) for sex. Once at Murray’s apartment and once in a car,” she said.

And there’s this:

A 46-year-old Kent man sued Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Thursday, claiming Murray “raped and molested him” over several years, beginning in 1986 when the man was a 15-year-old high-school dropout.

The lawsuit in King County Superior Court, filed under the man’s initials, “D.H.,” alleges Murray sexually abused the crack-cocaine addicted teen on numerous occasions for payments of $10 to $20.

 “I have been dealing with this for over 30 years,” the man, now sober for a year, said in an interview with The Seattle Times. He said he was coming forward as part of a “healing process” after years of “the shame, the embarrassment, the guilt, the humiliation that I put myself through and that he put me through.”
Speaking of gross things, I cannot find the ad the Planned Parenthood is currently running in Pennsylvania in which a woman intimates that if not for a mammogram (she never says this word but it’s heavily implied) she had at Planned Parenthood, she’d be dead. I was however to find this video in which PP President Cecile Richards admits that PP doesn’t have mammogram machines in any of their facilities.


The Rebel Media’s Washington Bureau Chief Jack Posobiec helped get the word out about the #MacronLeaks via his twitter account, instead of digging into the leaked documents, journalists decided to flip out about Posobiec’s ability to drive traffic and interest in the leaks via his twitter account.

On the heels of his massive Macron story, Posobiec attending his first White House press briefing. He was taken aback by how filthy the coffee setup, but not by how openly and brazenly the members of the press corp collude with each other to push a desired narrative.

As Posobiec was leaving the White House when news broke that President Trump had fired FBI director James Comey

Posobiec couldn’t have picked a better day for his first time at the White House.