This week on the big show Fingers and Tracy discussed Anthony Weiner’s tears in court, Hillary Clinton’s new grift operation, Trump’s overseas trip, the latest developments in the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative, and the leak of David Brock’s strategy to stamp out fake news and take back the White House for the Democrats in 2020. Kurt Schlichter dropped by to discuss the two fantastic pieces he had this week at Town Hall.

Anthony Weiner might be going to jail. He of course cried in the courtroom. There were no cameras present, but thankfully we have this wonderful courtroom sketch, which looks nothing like the shamed Congressman, but it’s the best we’re going to get.

Hillary Clinton has a new grift operation called Onward Together. Donate today!

Trump is in Saudi Arabia. Jared Kushner is a “person of interest” in the Russia investigation. “Sources” are telling CNN that the White House Counsel’s office has been researching impeachment.  A California woman contracted botulism after ingesting gas station nacho cheese, which isn’t enough to keep Fingers from indulges his cravings. Joe Biden doesn’t think Hillary was a great candidateMaxine Waters is still a crazy person, she believes that the Kremlin/Putin came up with Trump’s messaging strategy, bahahaha!

The Gateway Pundit got their hands on a strategy document entitled “Democracy MattersStrategic Plan for Action” which maps out the plan to retake the White House for the dems, to cripple the Trump administration, and put an end to the dissemination of “fake news”. This will be accomplished using four David Brock entities; Media Matters, American Bridge, C.R.E.W., and Shareblue. You can read the entire plan here.

Finally, Kurt Schlichter stopped by to discuss his two excellent pieces that ran on Town Hall this week. I won’t excerpt them as you should read them both in their entirety.

And don’t forget Kurt’s new book drops on June 1st. Preorder your copy today!