Syndicated radio host and frequent Fox News guest, Tony Katz joins us this week. We discussed Tony’s love and appreciation for fine cigars and how the FDA is trying to overly regulate the cigar industry to the point of absurdity. We also touched on the astounding lack of useful Covid-19 data, the revelation this past week that New Yorkers who have obeyed orders and sheltered in place have somehow contracted the virus. How most state governments have done a miserable fail of a job protecting nursing homes. And how Americans seem to be getting bored with the tv showed Covid-19 as evidenced by the fact that other news stories like the DOJ dropping the case against General Flynn, Tara Reade’s allegations, and several officer involved shootings have broken through the non-stop virus coverage.

From the show:

Pennsylvania COVID-19 data that has me scratching my head wondering why the Governor has extended to lockdown for eastern PA until June 4th. Why not just do a better job of protecting those at the greatest risk and let the rest of us return to our regularly scheduled lives?

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