El Presidente of Censored.TV Gavin McInnes joins us this week. We discussed the evolution of Censored.TV and all of the great content they have available over there, losing friends due to TDS, Gavin’s theory about Chris Cuomo’s battle with the Coronavirus, and the business opportunities Gavin sees in the wake of the Coronavirus.

From the show:

Gavin’s stellar article How to Get Rich in America in 30 Easy Steps 

My personal favorite step:

Most kids today think there are fun jobs like working on the show Eagleheart. Then there are shitty jobs like highway construction. They’re both the same job. Sure, it’s fun to come up with funny ideas for the show, but that only takes a minute. The other 99% of the show is lugging the equipment to each spot, setting up the lighting, getting the boom right, transcoding the footage, getting the notes on the first cut, and so on forever. This is why it’s so important to have summer jobs as a kid. You learn how to bust your ass.


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