Fingers: So are you tired of Johnny Q. Law stopping you from shooting wild boar from a hot air balloon? Well have we got good news for you next on the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly).

Fingers: This is the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly), I’m Fingers Malloy, she’s Tracy L. Connors. Tracy.

Tracy: Yes?

Fingers: Wanna do some shootin’?

Tracy: Heck yeah!

Fingers: Shoot some pigs?

Tracy: Why not?

Fingers: We’ll we can go to Texas and do it. Tell us about it.

Tracy: Heat Street has the story, Texas lawmakers just passed a bill approving the hunting of feral pigs and coyotes from hot air balloons. Apparently this is a big problem in Texas Fingers, and when you’ve got big problems you’ve gotta come up with big solutions.

Fingers: This is taking hot air ballooning, which to me is kind of chicky, I don’t know, hipsterish, and turning this into some sort of Ted Nugent, red-blooded American male kind of activity.

Tracy: Yes, you can just see the camo balloons launching now.

Fingers: So apparently this is a big problem, not only in Texas but really around the country. Wild boars, they eat crops.

Tracy: They eat ISIS too, remember that story?

Fingers: No I don’t remember that.

Tracy: Yeah, that’s for a different day, but ISIS got wrecked by a bunch of feral hogs.

Fingers: So we need to get rid of them and one way apparently to get rid of them, in a way that has been illegal for a long time, is to get in a hot air balloon and shoot ’em. You have to go to our site EnoughAlready.us, we link over and they have videos of people shooting these wild boars and really, it’s quality entertainment.

Tracy: They’re shooting them from what appears to be an ATV,  it’s hard because you’re seeing from their point of view and the ATV is loud so it scares the boars, this is the reason we need to have hot air balloons with snipers to take these bastards out.

Fingers: And they travel in packs, it would be a lot better to use a bazooka Tracy.

Tracy: A machine gun would as well. I don’t think you want to launch a bazooka from a hot air balloon Fingers.

Fingers: I was talking about the ATV.

Tracy: Oh ok, I was just picturing shooting a bazooka from a hot air balloon.

Fingers: So there you have it, let’s go hog hunting in a hot air balloon. That’s today’s Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) I’m Fingers Malloy, she’s Tracy L. Connors