Fingers: Today on the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) we ask the question, do you love yourself? I mean do you really love yourself?

This is the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) I’m Fingers Malloy, she’s Tracy L. Connors. Tracy do you love yourself?

Tracy: Sure.

Fingers: I mean do you really love yourself?

Tracy: Absolutely.

Fingers: I love myself too but, I don’t think I love myself as much as Erika Anderson of New York, and you can tell us why.

Tracy: Well, Erika Anderson is part of a “growing relationship trend” in which people are tying the knot to themselves. This practice is apparently called “sologamy” you know it’s a play on monogamy. We just put solo in front of it.

Fingers: Oh I see what they’re doing there.

Tracy: Very clever huh?

Fingers: Yes. Now I have a question for you Tracy.

Tracy: Ok.

Fingers: Do you think this is something that men would do or is this strictly a woman thing?

Tracy: This is strictly a woman thing.

Fingers: I can’t imagine a guy saying to himself, “I’m going to marry myself.”

Tracy: You mean you can’t see a guy renting himself a tux, getting himself a boutonniere, renting a location? There’s not too much information in this story aside from what she was wearing, which was a wedding dress of course. And she bought her own bouquet I can only assume. This to me seems like a giant marketing scam to take advantage of lonely late 30s to maybe even 40s aged women.

Fingers: So you’ve got wedding planners who are looking at a bunch of people who may never get married and they’re thinking of a way to get them to throw a party.

Tracy: Correct. There’s apparently an outfit called Marry Yourself in Canada and there’s also a website called IMarriedMe.com where you can buy a t-shirt that proudly announces you married yourself. You can also buy yourself a really nice $25 wedding band. Our friend Erik Anderson says she’s still dating and is open to marrying another person and since her marriage to herself isn’t legally recognized, there’s no impediment to that.

Fingers: I guess my final question would be, what if you marry yourself and then find out you hate yourself?

Tracy: Yeah, what if you can’t live with yourself?

Fingers: Right.

Tracy: That would be ugly.

Fingers: You go through life looking for a spouse you can’t find one because you can’t find anyone to live with you and then you marry yourself and then you realize that you can’t live with yourself.

Tracy: And if that happens do you have to return the gifts?

Fingers: Erika Anderson I salute you, you crazy cat lady. Well there you have it, “sologamy” it’s the wave of the future.