Fingers: Hey white people in Oregon, wanna open a burrito stand? Not so fast! Why you may ask, you’ll find out next on the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly).

Fingers: This is the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) I’m Fingers Malloy, she’s Tracy L. Connors. Well Tracy, apparently, the white folk can’t make burritos for the town folk in Oregon, you have the story.

Tracy: I do. This is from Heat Street: A Portland Burrito Shop Forced to Close After Getting Hounded for ‘Stealing from Mexico’. So two, I assume, nice young ladies named Kali and Liz were the owners of a Portland pop-up shop called Kooks Burritos, and they wanted to make really damn good burritos. So if that was your mission Fingers what would you do?

Fingers: Well I go to the gas station and warm a frozen burrito up. But, if I were to make burritos for people out there to buy, I would try to find good recipes for burritos.

Tracy: And that’s what Kali and Liz did. They went all the way to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico and picked the brains of local tortilla ladies. And then they told this story about their journey to Mexico to the Willamette Week which is one of the more popular newspapers in Portland. And they explained that they went down there they picked the brains of these ladies, and they weren’t told everything but they spied on them, saw what they did, and brought back that knowledge. Well this interview then kicked the hornet’s nest of social justice warriors and they came out of the woodwork to attack these two on social media and accuse them of cultural appropriation.

Fingers: This is stunning. Not only did these social justice warriors hound these people to the point where they shut down this restaurant, they scrubbed everything on social media and on the internets to where no one would even know this existed, this business because of the bullying from social justice warriors.

Tracy: That’s how the mob works. They destroy your life. So it’s the only way probably to rid of the bad google search results with their names linked to them. Just when you think that the crazy has reached its peak, they outdo themselves once again. I guess from here on out white people aren’t allowed to do anything, it’s the only safe play we have left.

Fingers: And that’s the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) I’m Fingers Malloy and she’s Tracy L. Connors.