Fingers: Bipartisanship in Washington DC, is it possible? It is, and you’ll hear about it up next on the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly).

Fingers: This is the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) I’m Fingers Malloy, she’s Tracy L. Connors. Well, Tracy Democrats and Republicans came together for a bill that really should be called Captain Obvious. You have the story.

Tracy: I do, the bill you’re talking about was introduced by Senator Debra Fischer, a Republican from Nebraska, and what it would do is it would prohibit agency heads from awarding bonuses to employees who have committed a felony or violated a policy for which they could be removed or suspended for at least two weeks. Isn’t that nice?

Fingers: It’s amazing. I would love to have seen someone try to debate against this bill and see what would happen to them. You see thing from time to time, people try to push back against something like this if there’s a union involved, and there are some faux unions at the federal level, but if there’s a felony involved there should be no bonus paid to anyone.

Tracy: Yeah, exactly. And this is just to clarify, this has only made it out of a committee, so it’s being sent to the full Senate for consideration. And as to your point Fingers about somebody pushing back, there was an amendment that was offered and accepted, by Tom Carper of Delaware, which would allow employees, if they’ve already received a bonus, that needs to be clawed back, that they can pay that back in an installment plan.

Fingers: Well that’s fair.

Tracy: You think?! Am I supposed to believe that they just blew that bonus and that they can’t give it back? Or that we should wait around to receive it.

Fingers: Well if you get a ten thousand dollar bonus you’re blowing it. And how are you going to pay it back when you’re in jail?

Tracy: Well, there’s nothing about them going to jail, just they can’t receive bonuses.

Fingers: Unreal.

Tracy: I don’t know why it’s not just immediate termination, with no chance of bonus ever because you don’t work here any more.

Fingers: Well, nobody gets fired at the federal level or the state level. Those EPA people still walking around who poisoned that river in Colorado.

Tracy: Yeah, and let the people in Flint drink lead.

Fingers: We’ll see what happens when the bill goes to the full Senate. We’ll keep our eyes on that. This has been the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) I’m Fingers Malloy, she’s Tracy L. Connors.