Fingers: Earlier this week we talked about how caffeine is your enemy but now, can vodka kill you? Find out next on the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly).  

Fingers: This is the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) I’m Fingers Malloy, she’s Tracy L. Connors. Well Tracy, we talked about earlier in the week how caffeine can be the silent killer of young people when they drink too much Monster energy drink. Now, there’s a story of a man who died by drinking too much vodka.

Tracy: Right. This is from the Mirror: A man has died after taking part in a vodka drinking competition organised by a supermarket in Russia. So right there that makes me want to move to Russia, because you know I live in Pennsylvania and you can’t buy booze in a supermarket and yet they’re holding vodka contests at their supermarkets in Russia. So the contest was named, how clever this is, Who Can Drink More Vodka? And there were five participants that were rushed to intensive care, and one died due to consuming too much. This guy apparently down about three liters of vodka ah, which is sure to kill you, and it did.

Fingers: First of all, this was some sort of Kremlin plot right?

Tracy: Of course.

Fingers: One thing I know for sure, you are not going to have a bunch of people in Russia pushing to ban vodka drinking contests.

Tracy: Oh absolutely not, they love their vodka. This was a vodka drinking contest to win more vodka.

Fingers: This is brilliant, I mean not the whole guy drinking vodka til he dies, that’s not the brilliant part, grocery stores that have you drinking vodka in their store, that’s a fantastic trend Tracy. I’ve been to a couple of grocery stores in Washington D.C. that had craft beer bars in the grocery store and I thought to myself, oh my god, this is the way to get men to enjoy grocery shopping. Booze and groceries. You just don’t take it to the point where you drink enough where you die.

Tracy: This probably wasn’t a good idea. But the fact that this was even able to happen makes me think are Russians more free than us?

Fingers: It sure feels that way sometimes. This would never fly at a Walmart Super Store.

Tracy: No! No, no supermarket in the United States would even contemplate this.

Fingers: And if they did immediately there would be a call to ban this type of behavior.

Tracy: The contest would never get off the ground.

Fingers: Oh my god! one person died! Yeah, it’s a shame but I think you know that you’re taking a risk right around the second liter of vodka, that something bad may happen.

Tracy: I’m going to plan a trip to Russia this summer.

Fingers: Bring back some vodka.

Tracy: You got it!

Fingers: That’s the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) I’m Fingers Malloy, she’s Tracy L. Connors