Fingers: While the media is focused on Russia, Russia, Russia, there’s news about the Democratic National Committee and it ain’t good. Find out what it is next on the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly)

This is Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) I’m Fingers Malloy, she’s Tracy L. Connors. While the media continues to feed on its daily helping of Trump-served borscht the DNC is knee-deep in lawsuits. Tracy you have the story.

Tracy: From Truth Revolt, While Media Distracts from Trump/Russia, DNC Embroiled in Two Major Lawsuits. So, they’ve got one lawsuit Fingers, that was launched at the Democratic National Committee for stacking the deck in favor of Hillary Clinton and there’s a second lawsuit that was just launched this week in which 50 workers are claiming they were not paid for overtime at the Convention.

Fingers: Wait a minute the party of the people, the party of the $15 minimum wage, they didn’t pay their organizers overtime?

Tracy: No! And they even adopted, at the same Convention a plank in their platform calling for a $15 national minimum wage.

Fingers: Well I’m sure they got benefits right?

Tracy: No. These folks got paid a flat salary of $3,000 a month and some of them were working 80 to 90 hours a week.

Fingers: Dental?

Tracy: No.

Fingers: Vision?

Tracy: No. They didn’t get the platinum union plan Fingers.

Fingers: What about a Bernie Sanders beach house?

Tracy: No, they might have gotten a Bernie Sanders button.

Fingers: I bet these people had to apply for foodstamps Tracy. And if they’re locals they may not have been able to afford that nice soda tax you have in Philly.

Tracy: Well this happened before the soda tax, so they were fine at the time, but now they’re dead broke. Can you imagine working 90 hours a week, you know I can’t do math so let’s not even try.

Fingers: You’re a girl.

Tracy: I know.

Fingers: So the Democrats, they don’t care about their organizers or their volunteers but they care about you, John Q. Public.

Tracy: Without a doubt.

Fingers: You should make them be in charge of your healthcare.

Tracy: Don’t work for the Democrats ever.

Fingers: And there you have it that’s today’s Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) I’m Fingers Malloy and she’s Tracy L. Connors.