Mike Cernovich didn’t get to be as influential and respected as he is by sitting at home in his pjs writing about politics. Cernovich doesn’t just preach Gorilla Mindset, he lives it. As a consequence, he does more on the ground reporting than 99.9% of so-called journalists.

So it was only natural for him to attend and document an Anti-Trump protest taking place today in Austin, TX.

It’s no surprise for anyone familiar with his work, that Cernovich got up on stage, along with InfoWarsJoe “Rambo” Biggs, and loudly announced to the assembled Anti-Trump crowd, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!”

Sharing a hate fact like this with a crowd of angry leftist is a risky move, one that just might get you punched by someone who believes words are violence and therefore feels justified to respond with physical force.

Sure enough, after Cernovich exited the stage he was attacked by a protester.

According to Cernovich, police officers witnessed the incident, which involved his assault and his subsequent exercise of “reasonable self-defense” against his attacker. Lucky for Cernovich most lefty men don’t know how to throw punches.

He and Biggs took to Periscope in the aftermath to describe exactly what went down.

Will this be a lesson to the left to quit sucker punching people? Ha! yeah right. As long as the left believes that speech they disagree with amounts to violence, we’ll continue to see them throwing punches. It’s good to know that Based Stick Man isn’t the only one on the right who’s willing to punch back.