#TaxMarch isn’t about abolishing or even cutting income tax rates. Oh no, the left loves them some taxes, especially when they can be used to steal more money from the 1%! So why are they in the streets on this fine tax day, which isn’t even technically tax day? For myriad reasons (which is typical of left-wing protests) but the main focus of these country-wide marches, is Donald Trump’s tax returns which have yet to be released.

There are of course non-lefties who would like to see Trump’s returns, myself included, but seeing the returns has become an obsession on the left. No doubt, they expect the returns will reveal a smoking gun connection between Trump and THE RUSSIANS! as if there is going to be a line-item that reads paid Vald P. for hacking of DNC server. 

In the name of “economic justice” they’ve taken their demands, and occasionally clever signs to the streets.

And just as I suspected, I spied many a pink pussy hat in the mix. I’m glad to know that unlike plastic bags, those hats are reusable.

I seem to recall the left laughing at the right when they took to the streets early in Obama’s first term. Then came the charges of racism and bigotry, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, they are embracing some of the Tea Party’s tactics. Whether or not these marches will translate into a coherent political movement remains to be seen. I highly doubt that they will be able to unite all of their disparate groups and focus their energies on one or two core issues.

I sincerely applaud their efforts, and their energy. If the day ever comes when the left wants to participate in a #TaxationIsTheftMarch, I’ll be marching along with them.


featured image via @TaxMarch