Matt Tang is a hero. The Southern California resident has already spent one night behind bars for child endangerment because some busybody called the cops when they saw Matt’s 8-year-old son walking alone, on get this, a public sidewalk at OMG 7:45pm! What a monster!

Matt was trying to teach his son a lesson about what happens to you when you don’t keep up with your school work. No, he didn’t go all J. Walter Weatherman on his kid.

Why you always leave a note


He merely left his son in a parking lot the child was familiar with, a mile from their home, at dusk. Oh, and the child’s grandfather went to retrieve the boy ten minutes later.

Reason has the rest of the story:

A stranger had spotted the boy and called the cops, who arrested Tang, and he spent the night in county jail. A jury later convicted him of child endangerment, and the judge sentenced him to parenting classes and a 56-day work release program picking up trash and doing other menial work.

Mike is refusing to serve the sentence, and there’s an outstanding arrest warrant for his failure to comply. He scrawled a response on top of the warrant and mailed it back.

Mike’s response to the warrant he received is what makes him a hero in my book.

Mike Tang's Warrant Letter

Although you might disagree with Tang’s parenting style, do you really believe that it warranted his imprisonment? What about the fact that he is facing more jail time unless he submits and does whatever the state demands of him? All because he left his 8-year-old son a mile away from home for ten whole minutes.

His son is fine, and he certainly learned a lesson, a lesson about what the state can and do to you if it finds that you have violated its laws.