Apparently, if you identify as a man, you can’t go up to a female coworker and say:

“Hey, nice day. Huh, sugar tits?”

That kind of workplace chatter is so 1950. This is 2017, which is unfortunate for blokes like Bill O’Reilly. Bill was shown the door at Fox this week over allegations that he sexually harassed some gals there.

O’Reilly remains defiant and denies the harassment claims:

Lefties took to social media to celebrate as if they won the Showcase Showdown:

The resistance lives on!

But seriously, if your movement thinks that getting a talking head fired from his cable news gig is some huge victory, then you really need to reexamine your priorites.

It’s not “the resistance,” it’s more like resist we much!

I don’t know if Bill is innocent or guilty. And I really don’t care about Fox News. If Tucker is on at 8pm, good for Tucker. At the end of the day, all that matters is Bill gave us a memorable Inside Edition moment that I will cherish the rest of my life.

Godspeed, sir.