Tracy: I love Rogan, and I find Jones to be absolutely hilarious. He sounds insane! But there are nuggets of gold in there. There’s no reining him in at all. So he’ll just drop all of these little tidbits, they’re setting up a breakaway civilization! Fingers, that’s what they’re doing. NASA’s a secret government! the CIA’s a secret government! the Aliens! Interdimensional alien beings that members of the CIA, and other government agencies, they’re taking DMT and then going and having high level discussions with them.

Fingers: It’s such a shame because I’ve heard him go on rants before, talking about the left and how they’re trying to destroy America and I’ll be like oh ok, uh huh, that sounds good, and then all of the sudden, out of nowhere he’ll go say something like, “On top of that Woody Woodpecker is CIA, you know it, we know it, everybody knows it!” And you’re like woah, what, what?! Oh crazy town!

Tracy: He did manage to get in a rant that went pretty viral the day of about the Bill Alive Bill that was passed, or not passed, excuse me, that the Democrats, all of them who are running for President voted against it. And it’s pretty straight forward, cut and dry, if a baby is born during the performance of an abortion, and it lives, you must save the baby’s life, do everything within your power to save the baby’s life. Every Democrat that’s running for President, that’s in the senate voted against this. So Jones raised that and lost his mind, veins popping out of his neck screaming about how they’re admitting to killing babies now.

Northam talking about it, he gave up the game, which is that they don’t resuscitate these babies in front of the mothers, they take them out of there, resuscitate them somewhere else, send them off to this wing that’s owned by China or something, then they keep them until they can send the truck and that’s going to take them and then they’re going to harvest their organs and sell them on the black market. He’s like, “A baby goes for $500,000 Joe!” But Rogan doesn’t nail him down and say, “Ok, where can we find all of this?”

Fingers: It’s gotta be like trying to interview a tornado. That’s unbelievable. Aw dammit, now I’m gonna have to watch it.