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Al Green Doesn’t Want to Stay Together [podcast]

This week on the big show, Fingers and Tracy discuss the ridiculous buildup to Comey’s testimony,  Congressman Al Green drafting articles of impeachment, and Courtney Love getting into a twitter battle with Linda Sarsour.

James Comey’s appearance this week in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee was hyped more than the Super Bowl. CNN had a countdown clock running and CSPAN ran a “stakeout feed” of Comey’s home. Insanity.

The day before Comey’s much anticipated testimony, the Senate Intelligence Committee held a hearing featuring representatives from the NSA, ODNI, FBI, and DOJ, from The Conservative Treehouse:

The MSM attempts to construct a narrative about President Trump interfering with intelligence agencies and investigative agencies took a big hit today as Mike Rogers (NSA), Dan Coats (ODNI), Andrew McCabe (FBI) and Rod Rosenstein (DOJ) each took turns telling the Senate Intelligence Committee that President Trump never attempted to interfere with their efforts.

That’ll leave a mark.

We did manage to catch a this small portion of Comey’s testimony before we began recording.

The left is not going to give up their calls for Trump’s impeachment. If the Russia! Russia! Russia! narrative fails, they are going pivot to a charge of obstruction of justice. From to the Daily Caller:

Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green formally drafted articles of impeachment that are designed to force President Donald Trump out of office on Wednesday.

The representative asserted that the president obstructed justice by firing former FBI Director James Comey in May. Other Democrats, like California Rep. Maxine Waters and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, joined in the call for Trump’s impeachment, but Green was the only member of Congress to call for the beginning of impeachment proceedings on the House floor.

“Obstruction of justice by the president is the problem,” Green said in an official statement late Tuesday. “Impeachment by Congress is the solution.”

According to esteemed Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, Trump did not obstruct justice when he fired James Comey.


Courtney Love and Linda Sarsour had quite the back and forth on twitter. Gateway Pundit has the details:

Punk rock singer Courtney Love, the widow of Kurt Cobain, went after Leftist Muslim activist Linda Sarsour on Twitter Wednesday morning over Sarsour reportedly raising money off a nonexistent hate crime, writing,

Wonder if they ended up block each other. Speaking of people being blocked on twitter, a Holly O’Reilly was blocked by Donald Trump on twitter, a move she feels is a violation of her constitutional rights. The Washington Free Beacon has the story:

Songwriter Holly O’Reilly on Wednesday wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post in which she insisted that President Donald Trump blocking her on Twitter was an unconstitutional miscarriage of justice.

“President Trump is violating my constitutional rights by blocking me on Twitter,” O’Reilly wrote for the PostEverything Blog.

O’Reilly is one of two Twitter users represented by prominent First Amendment advocacy group the Knight Foundation, which sent a letter Tuesday demanding that Trump unblock them or face legal action.

O’Reilly regaled how she loves to tweet at the president to vent about her feelings. “It takes about five minutes out of my day to reply, and it makes me feel better knowing that this narcissistic, egomaniacal, misogynistic, xenophobic nightmare of a POTUS can read how I feel about him,” she wrote.

Hey Holly, you can still share your feelings with President Trump by mailing postcards addressed to him to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.