Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the latest to fall prey to the Democrat’s seemingly never ending search for the Red they imagine lives under every Republican bed. According to CNN:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions met twice last year with the top Russian diplomat in Washington whose interactions with President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn led to Flynn’s firing, according to the Justice Department.

Sessions did not mention either meeting during his confirmation hearings when he said he knew of no contacts between Trump surrogates and Russians. A Justice official said Sessions didn’t mislead senators during his confirmation.

Who is this “top Russian diplomat”? again, per CNN:

Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, is considered by US intelligence to be one of Russia’s top spies and spy-recruiters in Washington, according to current and former senior US government officials.

The Russian Ambassador to the United States is a spy?! That’s a fairly incendiary claim for CNN to make based upon the word of unnamed intelligence sources. What do the Russians think about their Ambassador being characterized thusly?

Russian officials dispute this characterization.

It should come as no surprise that the Russian government is more than a little ticked that their Ambassador is being accused of spying. After recording the episode, CNN dropped this piece which catalogs the Russian reaction to their initial reporting.

But for now, back to the original CNN piece. Let’s grant for a moment that Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak is indeed a spy, where pray tell did Sessions meet with this master of subterfuge and deception? (bold added for emphasis, duh)

Sessions met with Kislyak twice, in July on the sidelines of the Republican convention, and in September in his office when Sessions was a member of the Senate Armed Services committee.

Seems about right, top spy meeting secretly in public with Sessions at the GOP Convention, a small, quiet, private affair, no media, no cameras, no way anyone would notice. Then again in Session’s Senate Building offices where no one would possibly see them together. James Bond’s got nothing on old Serg!

And here’s the answer to the question raised on the show, why was the Russian Ambassador at the GOP Convention?

Despite the relatively innocent optics of the two meetings between Sessions and Kislyak, Democrats are pretending to be shocked and appalled! A Senator meeting with an Ambassador, why that’s simply scandalous! “I’ve never met with a Russian Ambassador!” or something to that effect, squealed Senator Claire McCaskill. Guess that makes the person that runs Senator McCaskill’s twitter a liar, and potentially a Russian operative. One never can tell about these things you know.

Other Senators, most prominently, because he’s most likely to be in front of a camera at any given moment, is Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. From Townhall:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer questioned Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s integrity after reports suggested he misled the Senate about his contact with Russian officials last year. He called for Sessions to resign.

“There cannot even be a shred of connection” between our attorney general and the Russian government in terms of our elections, Schumer said at a press conference on Thursday. The matter, he insisted, requires a special prosecutor. If that condition is not met, the senator said the Republican leadership must insist on an independent counsel to look into the situation.

That wasn’t the only ridiculous thing that Chuck blurted out in front of a camera this week. Shortly before President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress Chuck gave an interview to the Huffington Post in which he said the following about why he has changed his mind and no longer believes that he can work with President Trump:

“Trump, instead of doing where [sic] his campaign was, which was against both establishments, Democratic and Republican, so there might be some areas of common ground, has moved so far to the right that I don’t see any place we can work with him,” Schumer said. “He’s not even talking about infrastructure, he’s not talking about trade.”

Too bad for Chuck, President Trump devoted a fair amount of time to discussing both trade and infrastructure in his speech Tuesday night. Not only did Trump talk about them, but his position on infrastructure, let’s spend a ton of money on it!, seems like something Chucky would be on board with. Time will tell.

With the announcement of their joint book deal, the Obamas are well on their way to being billionaires. Neat huh? According to Fox News the former first couple will be banking $65M for working with a ghost writer, one assumes, to pen their memoirs.

Former President Barack Obama has inked a $65 million deal for his memoir, a joint agreement that also will include a book written by former first lady Michelle Obama.

It is the highest amount ever paid for a presidential memoir.

The deal, announced Tuesday by publisher Penguin Random House, will pay for the global rights to two books to be written separately by the former president and his wife, according to the Financial Times.

Good for them. Now can we have a national conversation about Presidential pensions?

What has the Republican Congress been working on while seemingly avoiding repealing ObamaCare? Seems they’ve been busy using The Congressional Review Act to undo last minute regulations the Obama administration implemented on their way out the door. From Roll Call:

Republicans in Congress are expected to send a stream of bills — most of which require a single sentence — to President Donald Trump’s desk, using a process known as the Congressional Review Act to repeal agency rules. The act was tucked into 1996 legislation tied to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s famous “Contract with America.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, at a press conference last week, joined a group of Republican leaders who have trumpeted using the CRA to roll back regulations put in place under President Barack Obama. The law allows Congress to repeal certain rules of the previous administration under a fast-track process that requires only a simple majority in the Senate. Congress generally has 60 days to begin repeal of those rules.

“We’re directly attacking the over-regulation issue, thanks to the Congressional Review Act, and plan to take as many of these job-killing regulations off the books as possible,” McConnell said. Earlier this month, the Kentucky Republican pointed to “nearly 40” major rules put out by the Obama administration “on its way out the door” that he said Congress could work with Trump to undo.

“This is probably the most underreported story in Washington today,” Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Glenn Thompson said at a press conference on Feb. 16, referring to the Republicans’ use of the CRA.

It’s nice to know they’re getting something accomplished.

Finally, there is some good news for people on Social Security who own or may in the future decide to purchase a firearm. Via Reason:

President Donald Trump signed a measure yesterday striking down a gun control regulation that compromised the rights of a small group of people on the basis of being classified by the Social Security Administration as having a mental illness.

The Libertarian Republic provides a little more background on the original regulation:

In December, a rule was passed that stated if you received social security and were unable to handle your personal affairs due to mental illness, you would be added to the national background check database – thus resulting in a failed background check despite you never committing a crime or posing a threat or danger to anyone. More importantly, without due process.

And that does it for this week’s news.

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